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Few Things in Life Are as Satisfying as Making

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Find Out Below How You Can Become a Maker of Fine Wines Without Spending a Fortune on Your Own

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Have you ever thought that it might be fun to make your own wine but then quickly dismissed the idea because you don't own your own vineyard or you don't know the first thing about wine production?


Well, if so, I urge you to get comfortable and read this short web page now because the truth is to make great-tasting wine you don't need to own any land and you certainly don't need years of training.


In fact, with just a few tips you could be making wine that tastes great and that will impress even the staunchest of critics in a matter of a few days from now.


         Imagine being able to tell friends and family that the wine that they are drinking with dinner that tastes so wonderful and that they are so impressed with is your own creation.


         Imagine feeling the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from creating a high quality wine.


         Imagine being able to sell your wine for additional income or imagine the money you'll save by making your own wine instead of buying the expensive bottles at the local store. According to current estimates, making your own wine can cost as little as $5 a bottle.


Are You Ready to Add 'Winemaker' to Your

List of Accomplishments?


Few things have played such a prominent role in the history of the world as wine has.


Experts say wine has been around since at least 7000 BC. They say it was used prominently in ancient ceremonies in Egypt and that its production and use have played important roles in the histories of such varied places as Israel, Greece, Rome and Western Europe.


Today, wine is as popular as it has ever been and someone who is capable of producing fine wine is sure to impress a lot of people as well as save or make a lot of money.


In fact, the popularity of wine has led to the creation of numerous amateur wine-making groups that share ideas and tips for creating the best tasting wines from scratch.


I myself have been making wine for over 7 years now. I even made the wine for my wedding and I have to say it went over like "gangbusters," everybody really seemed to love it.


But despite all that I know now, when I first started out I didn't know the first thing about winemaking. I learned through trial and error and by picking the brains of a few friends that I met in an online wine-making group.


Eventually, what I discovered was


Making Wine is Not Nearly as Hard as You Might Fear, In Fact It Can Be Downright Easy & A Lot of Fun!


The key to success in winemaking is to know some basic tips and information as well as a few insider secrets. This will allow you to skip all the trial and error, all the false starts, all the expensive and frustrating mistakes.


So to help you get started in this fun and relaxing hobby, I've created a comprehensive, but easy-to-read guide that covers everything you must know to begin making your own wine.


Armed with this guide you won't have to go through trial and error and you won't ever be uncertain about what to do next.


This guide reveals step by step how to produce wine that tastes great, that is safe to drink and that will save you a ton of money compared to buying the overpriced bottles at the local liquor store or grocery store.


Take a look at just some of what you will learn:


         How to make wine that your biggest wine connoisseur friends won't be able to tell from the high-priced wines they normally drink!


         How to make great-tasting wine step by easy step you'll be amazed at not just how easy it is but also how much fun it is to make your own wine!


         The one key factor that has more influence over the quality and taste of your wine than any other and how to ensure that you get it right every time!


         What every winemaker MUST KNOW to produce great-tasting wine time and time again what you learn here may surprise you!


         How to age your wine so that it is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from professionally made wines!


         How to make great-tasting wine without any previous knowledge or experience that's right you don't have to know the first thing about winemaking, just follow my simple tips and you can produce amazing wine right from the start!


         Insider tips and tricks that will allow you to make your wine faster and easier than you would even dare hope possible!


Plus, I delve into the step by step mechanics of making wine so that you are never confused or uncertain about what to do next. You'll learn:


         How to keep your equipment clean and why this is so important for preventing a spoiled batch of wine!


         How to properly read a hydrometer so you'll know exactly when to move on to the next step in the wine production process!


         How to critically analyze your creations and determine exactly what is going wrong if your wine doesn't taste as expected I've also included tips for how you can bring a wine "back from the dead"!


         What type of water to use for the best tasting wine this is sure to shock you!


         The key factors that play into the decision of whether or not to filter your wine and how to reach the right decision for your particular circumstances!


         Where to make your wine and how to ensure the wine remains at the optimum temperature!


         How to use a common household tool to ensure your wine bottles never explode in your cellar!


         The real differences between aging wine in a bottle and in a carboy and how to decide which method is right for you!


         How to make fantastic wines using ingredients right from your own backyard these tips will save you even more money while also improving the taste of your wine!


         How to properly store wine to ensure it keeps its great taste over time including what types of corks and bottles to use and what types to avoid!


         How to "shock" your wine and send its taste to the next level!


         What you need to know about air and its effect on wine and how to easily prevent air from ruining your batch!


         Plus, much more!

Take a Look at What Others Are Saying

About This Amazing Guide:

Thanks for all the info, hopefully it will make my attempts to make wine easier and more enjoyable.

I am glad to have found your site and look forward to the experience.

- James Morgan

This is an informative and entertaining read for anyone interested in wine making.

The author, Scott Young has taken would be novices and turned them into wine making experts.

His easy going approach to readers makes this a must read for anyone who has ever thought of making their own wine.

Scott doesn't stop there though; he offers helpful information and thoughts for those of us who just enjoy experiencing a full bodied wine with storage tips and how to pick the right berries and fruits.

There is so much information packed into this guide readers will thoroughly enjoy it from cover to cover. I recommend Scott Young's "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" guide to anyone with a passion and thirst for wine!

- Helen Z.

I am excited to have this book available at my fingertips as a reference guide for product tips, for recipe ideas and for trouble shooting when I run into problems. Using this book practically guarantees making a great bottle of home made wine a success.

After reading the very first chapter I discovered that Scott is well versed in the area of making home made wine. This is a very well written, well organized and well thought out book where each chapter is divided into "lessons."

Thank you Scott for sharing your wealth of information us!

- Mary Swanson

Hey Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch with me.

I made a bit of wine when I was in college and am looking forward to getting back into it again. I must say your website, blog, and emails are topnotch. If your material is anything like what I've already seen, my wine-making will be great fun!

I also like your personal, "help-you-along-the-way" approach. Very important and much appreciated.

We'll be in touch, I'm sure.

Pastor Jay Christianson
"Study to learn, learn to do."

"I just got Scott's new book, "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy", and instantly wished all my wine making friends would buy it. It covers wine making from the very beginning stages, to fail safe advanced recipes. This means that you have one manual for a lifetime of wine making at home."

And here is the best part. "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is an easy read. Scott takes all the anxiety out of home wine making. He has a clear and fun style of writing. You are not going to get lost in a bunch of wine techno babble. All the answers you need are easy to find and illustrated with detailed pictures. No more frantic squinting at vague instruction sheets, or hunting through a bunch of poorly written websites.

I've printed out my copy of Scott's ebook and have it handy for when I need it. But if you don't have a laser printer you can order a useful spiral bound copy (hint: Don't bother printing it out with an inkjet printer. The first drip of water or wine will smear everything up.)

I should also point out a great added benefit to owning this book. I now have access to Scott and am able to suggest topics for his newsletter. This means that "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is like a key to all sorts of advanced knowledge which will be coming in the newsletters.

- Colin Noden, British Columbia (Practical Answers Blog)

I am not a wine bibbler but your approach to wine making is to my liking and without preservatives and additives.

Mostly I am impressed with the fact of your willingness to share with others. This shows a sterling quality of your character.

In my opinion you are the #1 vintage quality aside from the wine. Thank you very much for the pleasure of correspondence.

- Bella, New Jersey



Now It's Time to Start Writing Your Own

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So how much would you expect to pay for a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that reveals how anyone, no matter how little experience they have, can make delicious homemade wine?


Well, if you bought one of those wine kits that you see advertised online it would cost you $80 to $140 or more for instruction that pales in comparison to what I'm offering. But I'm not going to charge you near that much, even though this guide reveals winemaking secrets that previously only professionals knew about.


These secrets will dramatically improve the taste and quality of your wine and will make it practically indistinguishable from those high-cost professionally produced wines.


So how much am I charging? Order now and you can get "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" for just $27 that's $40 off the regular price of $67.





Here's Exactly What You Get:


         A very FUN & EASY TO READ BOOK that is absolutely jam-packed with all of the information you need to make an excellent quality wine.


         Straightforward, easy to follow instructions for both wine kits and fruit and grapes so that you can make wine using either method!


         Exactly what you need and don't need to make great-tasting wine plus, how to save money on the items you do need.


  • A "quick-start" reference guide that reveals the fastest way to get started and answers any questions that may come up as you proceed!

  • A "Top 10" list of common sense tips and tricks that will make your wine making experience a whole lot easier

  • Plus, a glossary of wine making terms so that you can "talk the talk" with other wine makers!

And if You Order Now You'll Also Receive

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Free Bonus 1:

Twenty (20) Minute Telephone Coaching Session! ($50 value) - I'm now including a FREE 20-minute telephone coaching session that I'll record and send to you! This session will answer all your wine making questions and will give you additional tips that will make the winemaking process go even smoother.


Free Bonus 2:

Wine Making Recipe Card ($30 value) - An easy-to-follow recipe card that you can download and print as many times as you would like (it's what I use to record everything I do when I make my wine).


Free Bonus 3:

Wine Tasting Course ($210 value) - You made your own wine so learn how to properly enjoy it! Includes "classroom" sessions, wine evaluation form & scoring sheet as well as a recipe to make your own component descriptor kit.


Free Bonus 4:

Wine/Liquor Recipes & Tutorials ($97 value) Find out how to make wines from fresh fruit, extracts, flowers, herbs, grains and more!


Free Bonus 5:

Wine Making Process Map ($10 value) - A 2 page step-by-step process map you can print and stick on the wall where you make your wine. Perfect for the visual learner!


Free Bonus 6:

Additional Wine Books To Add To Your Library! ($40 value) - includes: How to Choose Wine, Touring the Wine Regions, Wine & Food: Rules of Engagement 101 & How to Start Your Own Wine Cellar.


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I am so sure that you will love "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.


Purchase this guide and use it to make wine over a 1 year period and if for whatever reason your wine does not turn out the way you expected then write to me with specific details on what happened and I'll happily refund your purchase price! I want you to be successful - it's THAT simple!

In other words, you don't have to decide now if this product is for you.


Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if it doesn't help you make delicious homemade wine you can be proud of, or if you find the instructions too hard to follow, or if it doesn't improve your winemaking, or if you don't absolutely love it, just let me know and I'll give you every cent of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering now.





Get on the Fast Track to Winemaking Success!


"Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is filled with practical tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes beginners make saving you valuable time and money and allowing you to discover the absolute surest path to creating delicious homemade wine.


In fact, after reading "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" you will know exactly how to make great-tasting wine even if you are a complete beginner and since this ebook is available as an instant download you will be able to begin benefiting from the expert advice and information it contains immediately!










Scott Yates

"The Wine-Making Guy"


P.S. Remember in today's difficult economy, creating your own wine could be a real money-maker and help you pay your monthly bills. At the very least it could save you lots of money on the cost of wine. Order now.


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